The Zoo Staff are a hard-working dedicated crew with many years of experience in Zoo management and Zoology on the Navajo Nation.

David Mikesic, Zoologist     …had worked for the Dept. of Fish & Wildlife as field zoologist for 16 years prior to becoming the Manager of the Navajo Zoo in 2010.

Brennon Kee, Senior Zookeeper     …had worked numerous jobs with the US Park Service before joining the Navajo Zoo staff in 2013; he serves as our Supervisory Zookeeper and Construction Manager.

Shane Littlesinger, Zookeeper     …had gained valuable experience as a welder at various jobs and became a Zookeeper at the Navajo Zoo in 2017.

Terence Mull, Zookeeper     …has had much experience in the construction field  before coming to the Zoo in 2015; he serves as the Zookeeper in charge of the Navajo Nation Golden Eagle Sanctuary.

Stephanie Shirley, Zookeeper     …had been trained and worked as a veterinary technician and wildlife rehabilitator before joining the Navajo Zoo staff in 2016.

Sheridan Wilson, Zookeeper     …had gained expertise in 2018 by working with the Navajo Zoo staff in a temporary role; he was hired as a permanent zookeeper in January 2019.

Harlan Begay, Temporary Zookeeper     …had gained expertise as a Temporary Laborer over the last several years, and now has become a Zookeeper.

An actual photo of the staff will be coming soon...