Spotted Skunks are much smaller than the Striped Skunk. They are found in low-elevation desert- and shrublands on the Navajo Nation. Given their nocturnal and secretive nature, they are more often smelled than seen. Skunks are well known to spray a strong unpleasant scent when threatened. They are opportunistic omnivores. They feed on a large variety of insects and other invertebrates, as well as smaller vertebrates like mice, squirrels, frogs and lizards. Bird eggs and a variety of plants like grains, corn, nuts, and lots of wild fruits round out the rest of their diet..

Skunks are called "Gólízhii" in the Navajo language. They are said to have mystical powers. In old times, people believed the skunk scent glands could heal migraine headaches. It is believed that the Skunk can give you directions when you are lost, and can find good water with their excellent sense of smell.