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Chuckwalla is the largest native lizard species on the Navajo Nation, and can measure up to 15 inches as adults. In addition to being the largest lizard here, they are also the only native mostly-vegetarian lizard.


The Navajo Zoo has two Gila Monsters on exhibit in the Discovery Center. They are named Thelma and Louise, and fed mostly raw eggs since this is one of their favorite foods. Gila Monsters are not native to the Navajo Nation, but they are very culturally important to the Navajo People.


The Navajo Zoo has several Red-eared Sliders (Turtles) within the Waterfall Exhibit in the Discovery Center. Three of our turtles are named Goldie, Cocoa, Shellie and Yertle, and they are regularly adopted through the Zoo's Adopt-an-Animal Program.