Red-tailed Hawks are abundant and widespread on the Navajo Nation. They are native to the Navajo Nation and can be found in nearly all habitats here. Red-tailed Hawks prefer to nest within potholes and ledges on steep sandstone cliffs, but will also nest in tall trees and other structures. Regardless of the nesting substrate, they build large stick nests in which to lay eggs. Like all birds-of-prey, female Red-tailed Hawks are 10% larger and 30% heavier than males. Their diet concentrates on small mammals, but can greatly vary based upon what is available. They will also feed on rabbits, prairie dogs, reptiles and other birds.

Red-tailed Hawk is called "Atseełtsoi" in the Navajo language. Feathers of the Red-tailed Hawk are used in ceremonies by Navajo medicine man, and the bird is respected and greatly honored by the Navajo People.