Mission Statement

Mission Statement - Navajo Nation Zoo

The Mission of the Navajo Nation Zoological & Botanical Park is to provide a quality exhibition of native plant and animal species that will foster the understanding, appreciation, knowledge and respect of plants and animals that inhabit the Navajo Nation and the Southwest.  In support of this, we are committed to:

  • Developing a viable, self-sustaining zoological facility, which is recognized as the only Native American zoological facility in the United States, by developing partnerships with external organization;
  • Conserving native plants and animals, including rare, sensitive and endangered species, by providing adequate/safe refuge and exhibition, and maintaining a natural setting and environment;
  • Promoting awareness and education of native plants and animals, including their cultural and traditional significance of the Navajo People and their scientific value to the environment;
  • Implementing educational programs and projects with schools that promote first hand, visual experience of native plants and animals;
  • Providing quality care for injured, orphaned and confiscated animals;
  • Rehabilitating and releasing those animals into the wild that have been determined to be able to survive in the wild;
  • Facilitating the use of plants and animals for traditional and/or ceremonial purposes;
  • Complying with all pertinent laws and regulations to maintain required certifications and standards for permitting.