Chukars occupy only a small part on the Navajo Nation. Chukars are actually native to Eurasia, and were introduced to the US as a game bird. They are well adapted for living in dry, rocky open hillsides with grass or scattered scrub. Most of their range in the U.S. includes UT, NV and further north, but they can be found on northern Navajo Nation along the San Juan River. At the Navajo Nation Zoo, as in the wild, you can often see them taking their daily dust baths; this helps to keep their feathers in perfect shape.

Chukars really do not have a place in Navajo Culture, but they are closely related to quail. Quail are called "Déłdánii" in the Navajo language. The Quail is considered as a water bird, and their feathers are used as offerings in the Water Way ceremony.