Black Widow Spiders are very common native residents across the Navajo Nation. They can be found in many habitats, but almost always in a small enclosed dark, cool space. They often occupy abandoned prairie dog burrows and small crevices in sandstone canyon walls. Unlike the Wolf Spider and Tarantula, this spider constructs an elaborate web and waits for prey to be captured. They feed upon many different types of insects. Only the female Black Widow Spider has a painful bite; they are said to be the most venomous spider in the U.S. Their bite is reportedly 15 times more toxic than the rattlesnake.

Spider is named "Na'ashjéiitsoh" in the Navajo language. All species of Spider should be respected, and not killed. Two Spiders are said to have originated with the Navajo creation story, and they taught the Navajo People how to weave rugs and gave them different artistic abilities.