The Navajo Zoo has one female Canada Goose that is named Mother Goose. She arrived at the Zoo in 2009 with a wing injury preventing her from being released into the wild. She now shares the Waterfall Exhibit in the Discovery Center with the Black-crowned Night Heron and numerous red-eared slider turtles.



The Navajo Zoo acquired three Chukars in the fall of 2021, which were raised from juveniles and placed on exhibit along with the Turkey Vulture, turkeys, and sandhill cranes in the mixed-avian exhibit.



The Navajo Zoo has 18 Golden Eagles on permanent exhibit within the Eagle Sanctuary. Ten of our eagles are males; the other eight are females. All of our eagles had suffered a serious injury in the wild, and after rehabilitation, they were deemed non-releasable into the wild.


The Navajo Zoo has three Great-horned Owls on exhibit. One owl, named J.W. Hooter, came to the Zoo a number of years ago with serious eye and wing injuries, making it impossible to return to the wild. The second owl was acquired in July 2012 after he suffered a serious wing injury and could not be returned to the wild.



The Navajo Zoo has five Red-tailed Hawks on exhibit; three of them are males and two are females. Each of them were found on the Navajo Nation within the last six years with serious injuries preventing release back into the wild. These hawks are named Big Red, Hunter, Gloria, Spirit and Warrior.



The Navajo Zoo has two Sandhill Cranes on exhibit. The female Crane, Carrie, came to the Zoo in 1990 making her our oldest resident. She suffered a permanent wing injury in the wild. Our second crane was imprinted on humans as a nestling, and therefore non-releasable to the wild. He, Ogden, was acquired as a juvenile, late in 2021, from The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah.



The Navajo Zoo has two Swainson's Hawks that share the enclosure with the five Red-tailed Hawks. These hawks both came to the Navajo Zoo with permanent wing injuries preventing them from being released into the wild. They are named Marty and Aurora under the Zoo's Adopt-an-Animal Program.


The Navajo Zoo acquired one male Turkey Vulture that was injured in southern NM. He came to the Navajo Zoo as a juvenile in July of 2020, after he was deemed non-releasable . He shares space with the turkeys, chukars, and sandhill cranes in the mixed-avian exhibit. In the winter, he spends nights and most days in a special heated 'winter house' because he cannot migrate to avoid the cold weather.



The Navajo Zoo has two Wild Turkeys that were raised from chicks here at the Navajo Zoo in the summer of 2012. One turkey is a female and the other a male. Both turkeys share the mixed-avian exhibit with the sandhill crane, chukars, and Turkey Vulture.