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The Navajo Zoo
Window Rock, Arizona
Recent Updates

2013 Events

ZooBOO! 2012 had over 3,800 visitors with a record number for the costume contest.


Don't Miss The...

6th Annual zooFest

May 4, 2013

10am to 5pm

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Easter egg hunt 2012 at The Navajo Zoo

This fun, free event held at the Navajo Zoo on April 7th 2012 was sponsored by the Navajo Shopping Center, Navajo Arts & Crafts, and Oops-a-Daisy Florist.

The Zoo provided an excellent setting for around 200 children to race to the Zoo's playground and collect 2,000 Easter Eggs. A total of 429 visitors were present, and the children were able to collect the eggs in 5 minutes time!

Most of the platic eggs contained Easter candy, while some contained coupons for special prizes. All children and adults had an excellent time at this mini-event, and we look forward to hosting again in 2013.

A big thanks(!) to the sponsors of this event for making it happen.


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