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The Navajo Zoo
Window Rock, Arizona
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2013 Events

ZooBOO! 2012 had over 3,800 visitors with a record number for the costume contest.


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6th Annual zooFest

May 4, 2013

10am to 5pm

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Bighorn Sheep Day at The Navajo Zoo

The Navajo Nation Zoo designated March 30th, 2012 as "Bighorn Sheep Day" and invited the public to attend our welcoming of the new Bighorn Sheep to the Zoo. This event was attended by 386 visitors.

We began celebrating the day with a small traditional Navajo ceremony performed in the Zoo's hogan and led by two traditional practitioners. This ceremony blessed the Zoo's two new resident sheep and the newly constructed bighorn sheep enclosure.

We then moved the proceedings to the stage where members of the Department of Fish and Wildlife discussed the efforts conducted over the last 20 years to save the Navajo Nation's Bighorn Sheep population from extinction.

Part of the talks were to thank our project sponsors of: the Department of Fish and Wildlife for providing most of the fencing supplies, and Merrill Fence Company and Murphy Builder's for supplying the labor for the enclosure construction.

We all felt that the Bighorn Sheep were more than sufficiently welcomed to the Zoo, and that the project sponsors were gratefully thanked at the end of the day!


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