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The Navajo Zoo
Window Rock, Arizona
Recent Updates

2011-12 Events

ZooFest 2012 had over 5,650 visitors on May 5th.

We celebrated the Zoo's 34th Anniversary with over 800 visitors on July 2nd, 2011.

The third annual ZooBOO! Event was hosted on October 29, 2011 with over 5,000 visitors.

Zoo Improvements

Our Staff are always working hard to improve the Zoo. See some of our current projects.


Brochures of The Navajo Nation Zoo

The Navajo Nation Zoo is committed to serving the Navajo People and people everywhere with the best quality information on the Native plants and animals of Navajolands.

We are continually producing booklets and brochures for free distribution to the public. If you are interested in the following topics, we can help....visit the Zoo for your free copies of any of the following items:

  1. Importance of Birds to the Navajo - a 58 pg. booklet in written Navajo and English languages describing the cultural importance of many bird species.
  2. Common Raptors of the Navajo Nation - a pamphlet describing the 12 most common birds-of-prey breeding on Navajolands.
  3. Your Eagle Feather - a rack card outlining the laws of eagle feather possession.
  4. Common Bats of the Navajo Nation - a pamphlet describing the 16 bat species on Navajolands.
  5. Common Carnivores of the Navajo Nation - a pamphlet describing 14 common carnivores of 6 different families on Navajolands.
  6. Common Reptiles of the Navajo Nation - a pamphlet describing 12 common lizard and 4 common snake species on Navajolands.
  7. Common Amphibians of the Navajo Nation - a pamphlet describing 9 common frog, toad and salamander species on Navajolands.
  8. Life in a Prairie Dog Town -a pamphlet explaining the importance of Praire Dogs to the natural environment.
  9. Zoo Activities Page & Coloring Pages
  10. Many more to come...


Cougar trail
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