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The Navajo Zoo
Window Rock, Arizona
Recent Updates

2011-12 Events

ZooFest 2012 had over 5,650 visitors on May 5th.

We celebrated the Zoo's 34th Anniversary with over 800 visitors on July 2nd, 2011.

The third annual ZooBOO! Event was hosted on October 29, 2011 with over 5,000 visitors.

Zoo Improvements

Our Staff are always working hard to improve the Zoo. See some of our current projects.




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Completed projects at The Zoo in 2011

The Navajo Nation Zoo is continually being renovated and improved for the animals, visitors and staff. You will likely see us working on any number of projects during your visits.

The projects shown here are just some of the improvements we completed in 2011. If you are interested in helping to fund a project, contact us with your Project Sponsorship ideas. You will be recognized along with the project with a permanent plaque that shows your support.

The following are the main projects completed in 2011:

  1. Visitor restroom renovation.
  2. Parking lot security lights.
  3. New drainage culverts.
  4. Eagle enclosure renovation.
  5. Mountain lion enclosure renovation.
  6. New kitchen doors.
  7. New Discovery Center windows.
  8. Shade art for porcupine enclosure.
  9. Small gift shop developed.
  10. New storage building.
  11. Eagle aviary designed.

Zoo Hours: 10 am - 4:30pm, Monday - Saturday, and most major holidays.

Admission is Free for everyone!

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