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The Navajo Zoo
Window Rock, Arizona
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Our Animals...

The Navajo Zoo has over 100 animals representing just over 50 species. All of these animals are on permanent display for our visitors' enjoyment. As you notice from the links above, we have a great collection of common animals that are native to the Navajo Nation and Southwest U.S.

On the Navajo Nation...

The Navajo Nation is home to a diverse array of vertebrate and invertebrate animals. Within the vertebrate groups, there are 80 species of mammals, 164 species of breeding birds, 34 reptiles, 9 amphibians, and 8 native fish species. Click here for a complete list of Navajo Nation vertebrates.


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The Navajo Nation Zoo and Botanical Park is the only Native American owned-and-operated Zoo in the Country. This is not a distinction we take lightly. We are committed to providing the best animal care possible to each of our residents.

Whether fur, feathers, scales, or some hard exoskeleton, we try to provide an excellent diversity of native animals to our 25,000 to 30,000 annual visitors. But we try to maintain all of them in their best condition. This is why we refer to the Navajo Zoo as "a Sanctuary for Nature and the Spirit."

All of our animals are provided excellent health check-ups on a monthly basis. Thanks to an excellent working relationship with the Navajo Nation Veterinarian and Livestock Program and Tribal Veterinarian, Dr. Scott Bender, all of our animals are very well cared for.

We also work with several wildlife rehabilitation facilities in the Southwest to help animals found injured in the wild. These facilities have the expertise to treat and rehabilitate animals that may be released back into the wild. We are grateful for their assistance.

Use the links above to direct your search and learn about the animals at Navajo Zoo.



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